Malefront is about male sexual success through biological engineering and social engineering

Craig Cramer

Sexual success is the ultimate purpose of my, and any man's existence.

I want to bed the best girls around, and so does any competitive man. OK, regardless of whether this is my train of thought or not, some men believe in true love and are in committed exclusive relationships.

It's not for me. Actually, the love is. I like love, and believe in love.

But I am not sufficiently convinced that when I am in love, and believe it at that moment when I say "I love you forever", that this will in reality persist. For me, it never did, not with this intensity. Time will arrive when I will want again the sensation of saying "I love you forever".... at the beginning of a romantic affair, not after some time.

That's how it is, with my psychology, and the psychology of many men who are like me.

OK, sexual success. And the biological and social dimensions of it.

First of all, there must be sexual desire. That's a biological component, of me myself before my environment.

Well beyond midlife, this is not a given fact. I know many men beyond midlife who no longer can be bothered with sex. The drive just isn't there.

I am also sometimes lacking sexual drive. But there are options of biological engineering to ameliorate this condition.

Your sex drive depends on the amount of hormones and neurotransmitters that circulate in certain parts of the brain. And chemical balances in the brain can be influenced with certain plant chemicals. That is why opium reduces pain sensation, and why marijuana makes for interesting new perceptions, and why butea superba, best combined with tongkat ali, can restore and enhance libido.

I do not sell opium or marijuana, but I do sell butea superba and tongkat ali, and a few more tricks for better sex.

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I do not produce these herbals myself. They are manufactured by Sumatra Pasak Bumi (website, and I am just a reseller. Buy from me to support my agenda.

Now for the second leg of the Malefront approach to life, which is social engineering.

Look, whether you have access to the kind of women, possibly young, which you prefer, depends a lot on social conditions. In a rich society with balanced wealth, which is peaceful on top of that, you, as an older male who is getting older and older, will have little success competing for young women. Most young women are arrogant and want young men, and even some older women want young men. This harshly impedes your success rate.

If age is the primary factor, your sexual market value will drop and drop.

In poor societies, older men fare better. Women value economic factors, and when that is the case, older men can actually have an edge. That's nice.

And then, when a society is not peaceful, or even violent, women seek protection. This, again, is something that richer men, in leading positions, can provide more easily than younger men who have nothing.

I sometimes wonder why in Europe, men who are against feminism often are also against Muslim migration. If Muslim migration indeed makes societies less safe for unattached women or women who move around alone, then this will reduce feminism. Why? Because when male protection is in demand, women are less prone to demand all sorts of rights.

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